women who text while on a date

Women who text while on a date

Women who send outgoing or look at incoming text messages while on a date send *you* a message about their manners.

Text messaging (or SMS) is popular today, especially with young, single women. It’s not uncommon for them to reach for their phone every 10 or 15 minutes to see who’s texting them or to fire a quick shot off themselves.

However, when on a date, a lady will either turn her phone on silent mode, or save the text messaging until she’s alone– in a bathroom, waiting on you while you’re in the bathroom, etc. If a woman picks up the phone while she’s on a date with you, and she’s NOT obligated in any way to be available for her job, then it’s telling you that she is inconsiderate and selfish.

There are certainly exceptions to this rule. If she’s a mother and needs to check to see if her son is trying to reach her; if she’s awaiting a specific important message; if she’s on call and needs to look at every incoming text. These are all certainly valid reasons for her to be checking her phone.

Use your gut on her text messaging manners. Most women are aware of good manners, but throw out the rulebook when it comes to texting etiquette. If it’s becoming a distraction on your date, you certainly have the option of letting her know that texting while on a date is rude, or to say nothing and move on to the next girl.