Women and Strategic Positioning

Woman very rarely approach men. This we know.

But what women very often will do, and it goes on right under our noses without us even knowing it, is what is called Strategic Positioning.

When a woman wants to meet a man, she won’t go up to him and introduce herself in most cases. This goes against everything she’s been taught. So what does she do? One of her tactics is to get within a radius of 10 feet or less from you, and hope that you notice her. The more shy she is, the less you’ll notice what is even happening. You usually won’t get eye contact with her, and you’ll be completely oblivious to the fact that she just planted herself for you to take notice.

The more confident and assertive she is, the more clues you’ll get that you’re “cleared for the approach.” Some clues include catching her eye, her shoulders and feet pointing in your direction, or her flicking/stroking her hair or other body language signals.

So, how can you tell a girl is Strategically Positioning herself, or just happens to be there in your vicinity?

Clue #1: You saw her standing at the other side of the room just a minute earlier. Now she’s only a few feet away.
Clue #2: She’s by herself, she’s nearby, and you just caught her giving you a quick look
Clue #3: At a bar: she tries ordering her drink right next to where you are against the bar
Clue #4: She’s nearby, flicking her hair back as she looks in your direction (but not necessarily at you. Usually they look over their shoulder and aim their gaze on a plane that would be higher than normal)

So, keep your radar dish up when in a room, bar, or party where women are present. Notice where women stand. Notice where they were were, and where they are now (5 feet off your left shoulder?).

What you don’t want happening is to blow the opportunity to catch women deploying Strategic Positioning on you. It makes subsequently walking up to them easy, as you know you’re quite possibly already “pre-approved for an approach.”

Now that you know about it, start noticing where women stand and position themselves– not just around you, but others as well. You’ll never look at women in a bar, party, or group environment the same again.