morning after sex

Morning after sex: Why women leave stuff at your place

For you guys out there who’ve been dating for a few years, you know what I’m talking about. You have a woman you recently met stay overnight at your place, and the next day you notice she left her earrings. Or watch. Or a necklace. Or hair clip. Obviously just a small oversight on her part, right? Not so fast…

Now, women don’t want you to know that they do this, and few would ever admit to it. But women leave markers at men’s houses and apartments all the time. But why? For one of two reasons:

1) They have an excuse to return later

2) They are leaving “their scent” to warn off other females (just like a dog hikes its leg to leave behind its scent)

Because we guys don’t do this to women, we’re largely oblivious to this subtle use of leverage. Have you ever liked a girl a whole lot, and in the morning intentionally left a key, watch, or t-shirt behind because this would ensure your meeting up with her again? Of course not.

Another thing women like to do is borrow t-shirts from men after a night together at the man’s place. It’s not as if they arrived at your place without a shirt on, so why would they need to borrow yours? Because she doesn’t want to be seen in the early morning hours getting in and out of her car and home with what’s obviously last night’s slinky outfit (women are very paranoid about appearing promiscuous), or she wants something of yours that she later has an excuse to see you over. T-shirts easily fit the bill.

So, when you discover hoop earrings on your dresser or her hair clip on your bathroom counter, be aware of what could be happening. It could be a simple forgetful act, and understandably so given the nature of the encounter.

Or, it’s potentially great clue– that she likes you– but is showing you that she is also willing to employ slightly devious tactics to win your favor.