Why do women have one night stands

Why do women have one night stands? It’s not what you think.

It’s not because they just need a release, want some fun and meaningless sex, or they’re flat out horny.

For women, it’s always far more than just a random hook-up. If they weren’t into YOU, they wouldn’t let you into THEM. Whereas we men can have wild sex with a woman whom we have zero intentions of ever seeing again, women will not have sex with a man they’ve just met unless they’re interested in seeing him again.

Women do not have meaningless sex. There is always meaning behind what they do, especially with sex

First date sex is a hook, a way for a woman to get more nights out of you. She is using your bed as a way to get her foot into your door. Which is why you will rarely have a one night stand and never hear from a woman again. And if you don’t call her, she will will find a reason to contact you, even if it’s something she just makes up. It’s not something creepy, by the way. It’s an innocent way of her letting you know she’s interested in you.┬áThe only exceptions to this rule is if you were really bad in bed and/or you were a jerk. (Read this article on what “bad in bed” means)

No matter what they say, women don’t have sex on the first night they’ve met a man just to have wild, meaningless sex. Even on that Spring Break Cancun trip, where you take girl back to your hotel room from the bar– she, on some level, was into you. On a related note, be aware that women frequently pretend to be more drunk than they really are just to assuage any guilt associated with sleeping with you so soon. It’s basically a free pass for her to be “irresponsible” for the night. Hence the song, “Blame It On The Alcohohohohohohol.”

In summary, women will not have sex with you unless they’re interested in you. They reluctantly agree to a one night stand in the hopes that it will turn into something more…

Bonus tip #1: And the earrings and necklaces they leave behind are left by design. It’s the perfect excuse to see you again

Bonus tip #2: Women don’t want to be perceived as “easy,” so they will go out of their way to make sure that it’s not just one night with you