When a woman flakes…

When women show up late for a date… when they text the same day that they can’t meet you out… or when they text you that there’s an emergency that requires them to miss a date, most guys attribute these excuses to a woman simply being a “flake.”

But they’re mistaken. These women are flat-out NOT INTERESTED. Period.

Because if a woman is interested, she will move heaven and earth to meet you. In fact, a woman who’s into you won’t be late by even five minutes. Especially on a first date.

Furthermore, if she’s interested in you she won’t:

1. Cancel a date without an immediate reschedule
2. Send you a text if it was a genuine emergency. She would call you on the phone to apologize profusely and try to immediately set up a follow-up date.
3. Leave halfway through your date
4. Send you a text to call off a date

If she does any of these things, she’s either lost interest, or never was interested in the first place. Take the clue and move on to a woman who is into you; otherwise you’re just wasting your (and her) time.

Bonus tip: Your reply to her lame text canceling on you? “I understand, thanks for letting me know. Take care.” Why is this effective? Because you’re taking the power out of her hands to reject you yet again, because she IS expecting you to try to reschedule the date (she is NOT expecting you to blow her off!).