bad in bed

What women mean when they say “He was bad in bed”

Here are some tips for you to avoid the dreaded title of “Bad in Bed.” One of the biggest complaints voiced by women are guys who are SELFISH in bed. Here are the top traits of a selfish guy:
No foreplay. Women need this time to warm up. If you bypass this vital stage, it immediately tells her that you’re inconsiderate of her needs. In her head, it’s “Oh great, here we go again, another one…”
Bad kissing. The most common complaint about a guy’s bad kissing is her needing a dental vac when making out– a sloppy, saliva-everywhere kiss. In her head, he’s careless right now, which means he more than likely will suck in the sack as well later.
Rabbit sex. Speed control: whatever position you’re in, staying with it for a long time. Women are not rabbits, so they do not enjoy being humped like one! It is OK to speed things up during sex but include some variation for her.
Quick shooter. A quickie is great fun for women once in a while but her ability to get off is close to zero. For a woman to get off it requires some effort, also known as “time.” So a guy who comes in about 5 minutes or less, is done before the woman even begins to get warmed up and really excited. In order for a woman to reach the same peak that you’re at after just 5 minutes of sex, it will take her 10-15 minutes. Fortunately, women will usually give an indication that it’s OK for you to let it rip.
Bad positioning. Staying in the same position for too long, or– God forbid– the entire time you have sex. Just because a position feels good to a man doesn’t mean it feels as good to a woman.
Never asking for feedback. Women love a man who asks if there’s a position she prefers, if there’s something he can do with his tongue to make her feel even better, etc. Unlike us giving a woman feedback when she’s giving us a bad BJ, women rarely will give any constructive feedback because they do not want to hurt the male ego.
Talking too much. Would you want to be with a woman who talks nonstop? Talking a lot reeks of your “trying too hard.” If you’re using your mouth to talk, her body’s being neglected. Use your mouth instead to kiss or nibble on her. This is one of the few times that a woman does not want to have a conversation with you. Relish this moment!
Fortunately for us guys, women don’t bitch to their friends about your performance in bed unless you really are bad. Because if she likes you, finding flaws sexually is not on her radar. Don’t do the above 7 things, and you’re sure to be raved about by her to all of her friends.
Don’t forget her boobs– most women’s nipples are extremely sensitive. Massage these while having sex, and you’ll be a stand-out. Tip: wet your middle finger and your thumb, and lightly caress her nipples while having oral, normal, or finger sex. As one woman told me, “Guys do not do that– ever!” And another said, “Once he’s inserted, all of the other parts of our body are forgotten.”
One of the reasons women fake their orgasms so much is because men aren’t pleasing them sexually. 95% of the guys whom women fake on, violate rules 1-7 above. Women are competitive, so if you want to be really rocked by her, challenge her with a statement like, “OK, hotshot, show me what you’ve got.” She’ll now feel the urge to one-up your previous sexual partners. Every woman has a secret “bag of tricks” sexually, but is usually too timid to bring them out. This statement gives her the green light to let loose, to tap into her “nasty” side. Warning: If she doesn’t deliver now, she never will– this will be as good as it gets.