What it means when a woman invites you to her place

Is there really a big difference between a woman inviting you back to your place, and you successfully inviting her back to yours? Yes, and it’s a whopper. If you invite a woman back to your place after a night out, and she agrees, it’s a great start. She wouldn’t agree unless she has a decent level of trust and interest in you. However, it’s far from a guarantee that you two will have sex.

A few key factors that will make or break your ability to seal the deal:
  1. how clean your place is
  2. evidence of former conquests easily seen– hair pins, bracelets, chick perfume aroma on your sofa, etc.
  3. read her signals. Don’t go straight in for the kill.
  4. set the mood: wine, dimmed lights, and back off a little bit at times (tells her “he must respect me”)

So how does it differ when a woman invites you back to HER place?

For her to invite you back, you’ve already passed her initial tests. When going to your place, on the other hand, she’s still testing the waters with you. At her place, she’s ready to dive in. It’s her home turf, and she’ll feel a lot more comfortable at her home than at yours.

If she has sex on the mind, she’ll want to be at her place where she has all of her supporting cast– perfume, deodorant, negligees, the last-minute cleanup shave, etc.

Big point here: there’s a huge amount of trust in letting a guy know where she lives. Women are often justifiably worried about stalkers and creeps. So you’ve passed some big hurdles in her mind, my friend, if she invites you back.

If you want to see whether or not you’re pre-approved with her, simply give her the option as the night draws to a close at the bar or nightclub. Your place or hers? And see what she says. What a clever way to gain super fast insight into what she’s really thinking of you…