Victimhood eats a woman’s conscience

“Victims refuse to take personal responsibility for their lives”

Women who succumb to life’s challenges instead of standing up to them, also known as “taking responsibility,” develop a self-victimization mentality. Their dominant thought is one of, “Poor me.” They feel sorry for themselves and use their resulting feelings of victimhood to justify their mistreatment and manipulation of others.

Women who play the victim card are overall unhappy (and usually depressed), as their negative thinking over months and months takes its toll on their psyche. They’re pessimistic over optimistic; glass half empty over glass half full; and bent towards the negative.

But how does this victimhood mentality affect a woman’s conscience?

  • They will act out on their anger
  • They’re expert blamers; refusing to accept responsibility for their behaviors
  • They fraudulently play on a man’s sympathy to extract gain


The above are evidence of a woman’s disappearing boundaries of moral behavior. As women who think they’re victims also don’t think moral rules apply to them.

Instead of improving their situation and dealing with their unhappiness like a healthy adult, these women revert back to the position of a powerless child.

“[A woman] would rather feel justified in complaining endlessly about her unfortunate circumstances while passively registering her dissatisfaction than actively changing her situation” – Dr. Robert Firestone

These women refuse to take personal responsibility for their lives, and this makes them dangerous for men to date and especially marry. Until women drop their victimhood state, they should be avoided as relationship material. But don’t hold your breath, as the likelihood of them taking action and reversing this mentality is slim…