Top 6 mistakes men make with their appearances

We’ve narrowed down the blunders men make with their appearances to six. Get these six right, and you’ll drastically increase your chances of attracting desirable women.

-Wearing tennis shoes out. They’re for the gym, working out, going to a game, or other physical activities. Never wear them going out where there’s a chance you’ll be running into women whom you’d like to get to know.

-Wearing baseball caps. Women can’t help but ask themselves, “What’s underneath the cap? Is he hiding thinning hair? Is he hiding no hair? Is he hiding a bunch of gray hair? Is he hiding behind a 1970’s combover?” Baseball caps never add value to a man’s appearance, unless he’s an actual paid baseball player. Wearing them also shows a lack of style and class, and a boyishness about him. Baseball caps don’t impress women, so ditch them from your wardrobe. And don’t even think about wearing one off-centered like the rappers do, your chances of meeting desirable women just went to near zero.

-Wearing a business suit and tie past 8pm. Unless you’re going to a symphony, a wedding, or another formal event, ditch the tie and jacket, and unbutton the top two buttons of your shirt. Wearing a full suit to a club reeks of overcompensation and sends the message that you’re uptight. It also shows women that you’re quite insecure or overly cocky and arrogant.

-Wearing excessive jewelry. Men need to leave the accessorizing to the women. Any guy that shows up wearing a gold chain, bracelet, and an earring is a walking billboard for Douchebag of the Year. Gold chains date you; they were popular back in the 80’s. Earrings have been worn exclusively by women for thousands of years. The men getting them today are either metrosexual misfits or homosexuals. The only men that get a pass on this rule are band members. Just remember, jewelry beyond a watch and/or a simple necklace do not add value to men in the eyes of most women.

-Wearing printed (Affliction/Ed Hardy) tees and baggy jeans. If you want to blend in with the rest of today’s Douchebag Nation crowd, then by all means wear too-small Affliction t-shirts along with a pair of baggy True Religion-type jeans. It’s a bad combo if you ask most women. The men who dress like this think they’re standing out, but they’re actually blending in with every other douchebag in America. And behind your back, scores of women and even men are laughing at you. Throw in a dark, plastic tan, and a sleeve of tattoos, and you’ve just iced your chances of meeting anything other than low-value women.

-Out of control hair. This includes hair that hasn’t been cut in the past three to four weeks, hair that’s not styled but instead messy and outdated, hair that has no gel or mousse it, big bald spots surrounded by bushy hair, the Bozo the Clown look, bad combovers, beards, and goatees (would you like kissing a brillo pad?). Women find a guy who takes care of his hair as sexy and hot. Guys that don’t have a big arrow above their head that says, “I’m sloppy, lazy, and clueless to what women desire in men.

Look at magazines to see what hair styles men today are wearing, then get your hair styled every three or four weeks at a salon. Ask your stylist what she or he thinks as well. Avoid barbershops. And don’t forget about the back of your neck and ear hair. Keep it maintained between haircuts as well.

As the song from ZZ Top says, “Coz’ every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.

Here’s a quick summary of what every guy needs to have in his wardrobe:

  • +One pair of designer jeans (Diesel, Rock & Republic, Lucky Brand, etc)
  • +At least one high quality long sleeve and short sleeve shirt (polo-type)
  • +One pair of high quality shoes (brown or black) with a matching belt
  • +Bottle of cologne
  • +Flip flops and khaki shorts for the summer (jeans with flip flops makes for a great look, by the way)
  • +Two plain colored t-shirts


These six are the “big ones,” so get them right and you’ll be on your way to attracting many more women than you’re used to (assuming your personality isn’t repulsive). You’ve only got one shot to make a good first impression.

Bonus tip #1: A man who is lazy with his appearance is going to be a lazy partner- sexually, romantically, career wise… and in life in general. Women know this.

Bonus tip #2: There’s nothing sexy to women about a man wearing baggy jeans. Do you like looking at women with baggy clothing?

Bonus tip #3: Women will remember a guy’s scent more than how he looked. That means one thing: wear cologne

Bonus tip #4: Here is’s cologne recommendation: John Varvatos. Be prepared for a lot of comments on how good you smell :)