The top three snoop-worthy places in your home

When you bring a woman back to your place, keep in mind that she WILL be snooping in the following key locations when she has the chance:

1. Your bathroom/closet
2. Your dresser drawers and nightstands
3. Your phone

Women are snoopy by nature, yet interestingly they’re typically not curious about politics or news, or your job (or even theirs). What they do care about is what’s going on in your social world. And the quickest way to find out is to snoop through your bedroom, bathroom, and phone.

Women know that guys lie profusely, but evidence does not. Text messages from Julianne who says, “Hey sexy,” and from Carrie who says, “Had a great time with you last night” is exactly the kind of confirmation they’re looking for. Finding pics on your phone with you and other women (or their breasts ;) in it, reading sexual innuendos, finding three condoms when just last week you had ten confirms her suspicions that she’s not your “one and only.” Women will also look through your phone’s address book to see how many female friends you have.

In your bathroom, she’ll use her time to do so much more than just relieve herself. She will go through drawers, medicine cabinets, and your shower (is there girl stuff in there like razors or shampoo?). In your closet, she’s trying to find your bag of tricks containing your condoms, lube, etc.

The bathroom is also where women love to plant something to mark their territory. It generally is something simple that escapes men’s radar: a long piece of hair stuck into a drawer, a bobby pin, an earring, lip gloss, ponytail holder, etc. The key point is, it’s something small that a guy wouldn’t notice. But future women at your place will…

In your bedroom, the very first place she’ll look is your nightstands, followed by your dresser drawers and under your bed. So anytime after a girl leaves, do a clean sweep of all these areas. Women will leave behind nighties, underwear, necklaces, hair clips, hairbands– things that didn’t cost her much. You’ll rarely see a woman leaving behind something of value like a watch.

The #1 thing women want to snoop through? Your phone. Nothing else comes close.

Here’s some advanced knowledge you won’t get anywhere else: This female drive for knowledge about you ends up, for most women, a disaster in self-inflicted emotional pain:

-The desire to know the truth
-They discover the truth
-They wish they would have never found it
-The obsession and agony begins – lost sleep, binging, stress, rallying the girlfriends, etc. (and the irony is, it’s all self-inflicted!)

If a woman is dating more than one man, you’ll more than likely never know about it. Women are much smarter at covering their tracks because they’re about small details. We men are far more careless and lazy about covering our tracks.

So keep your home free of female “droppings,” and she’ll think that she’s likely your one and only love interest. She’ll spy on your butt regardless, but the less she finds the more peaceful your life, and hers, will be. If she doesn’t find anything, she’ll trust you (which is what she wants to do), and the spying will stop. She’ll feel guilty for even doubting you– regardless of what your social life really is…

Bonus tip #1: Don’t put a passcode on your phone, as it screams that you have something to hide. Instead, simply delete all female text messages and emails.

Bonus tip #2: Women know that the more females the guy has, the more secretive he is about his stuff, therefore he’ll be hiding it better. Moral here? Hide your stash somewhere less obvious, like the laundry room.

Bonus tip #3: Snooping women aren’t seeking your financials, they’re seeking your females!