The do’s and don’ts of giving a girl a compliment

On giving a woman compliments on your first date with her, it boils down to this maxim:

No sexual references whatsoever.

Make the compliment classy, not laden with sexual undertones. Here are some examples of a compliment women will appreciate:

“You look even better than your pictures” (someone you met online)
“You smell good… what are you wearing?”
“I’m impressed you can hold a conversation, you never know when meeting someone online”
“That’s a really stunning dress you’re wearing”

Ready for the worst thing you can possibly say to her? Call her “hot.” Also, no calling her any of the following words:


Never compliment her boobs, butt, legs, or any other body part. And don’t say anything that’s odd or not even true. For example, saying “You have really nice ears” will make her think you’re a creep.

I used to avoid giving women compliments at all on first dates until an experienced female friend of mine set me straight. She informed me that because women put so much attention into getting ready for their date with you– including changing outfits three times or spending an hour in front of the mirror– they eat up any genuine compliment you give her. So don’t hold back on complimenting a woman genuinely on a first date.

Finally, never give the compliment in a Howdy Doody fashion. In other words, don’t get all excited and animated as you let your compliment rip. Say it in a matter-of-fact manner way with a slight smile on your face. Then move on; don’t dwell on it. And when she says “Thank you,” answer her with only these two words…

“You’re welcome.”