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The Top 20 most undesirable female traits

In no particular order, here is a list of the top 20 most undesirable traits in women:

1. Naggy
2. Nonsexual
3. Lacking boundaries (no emotional fidelity, making them completely untrustworthy)
4. Stressed out
5. Overly critical of others
6. Plays victimhood card
7. Bitchy
8. Manipulative/conniving/scheming/calculating
9. Jealous
10. Obsessive
11. Masculine (overly so: dress; interests; voice; lifestyle)
12. Demanding (full of expectations; high maintenance)
13. Insecure
14. Cold (non-nurturing; an ice queen)
15. Inauthentic (must lie and cheat as cover)
16. Lacking a conscience (able to do immoral/unethical acts without batting an eye)
17. Self-absorbed (excessively)
18. Uncurious
19. Lazy
20. Undomesticated (unable to cook; bad manners, etc)

Women with SAD traits (stressed/anxious/depressed) are extremely toxic to men. They are frequently on antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications like Zoloft. Typically they are also full of drama and are in perpetual victimhood status. They refuse to help themselves, even when given competent guidance by friends, husbands, or mental health professionals.

Unfortunately, most men go through life completely unaware and uneducated on the shadow (negative) side of women. The 20 traits above, in other words. Women are much more complicated in their emotions, moods, and behavior than we men are. Yet we tend to either look the other way (“there she goes again” or storm out of the room (“you’re acting crazy over nothing!”). Time passes, and soon enough we’re back together with them.

A man avoids toxic women by refusing to put up with high levels of over-the-top behaviors. These women were never taught how to control their emotions, and it’s not your job to now try to fix them. Instead, you leave them when your overall peace of mind has been squashed.¬†Get some fortitude and face the reality that you simply deserve… better!

There are scores of women out there with big hearts and minimal drama and insecurities. Women with very few of the undesirable traits listed above. It’s your duty in your short time on earth to find them. Your happiness depends on it!