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How to meet women in Colombia

How to meet women in Colombia, specifically Medellín? Here’s your 5-minute guide.

First off, learn some basics in Spanish before arriving down here. A few weeks prior, get the Pimsleur Spanish I (lessons 1-30; no need to buy the entire course). It’s much better than Rosetta Stone, who teaches you the word for “apple” before the basics of conversation like “Where are you from?”

Getting here (to Medellín) nonstop from the USA is done via the US airlines American (out of MIA), Spirit (FLL), and JetBlue (FLL). Alternatively, you can fly in on a central or south American airline via a connection. The flying time out of Miami is a short 3 1/2 hours.

The area to be in Medellín is El Poblado, and more specifically Parque Lleras. This area is extremely active– lots of women– and safe as big cities go. I feel more safe here, in fact, than I ever have in Paris. In Paris I’ve been nearly robbed, and robbed of a CD player as I sat in the rail station.

First off, why Colombian women? 

Here’s a short list of PROs of why men the world over flock to this country to seek out Colombian women:


  • -They accentuate their femininity and sexiness (they wear high heels, even in the middle of the day, and super tight jeans and spandex pants)
  • -They are very nurturing. They enjoy taking care of their man
  • -The best derriers (butts) in the world
  • -Their skin is extremely soft. I call it Asian-like in its silky quality
  • -They’re passionate
  • -Big cities are relatively safe
  • -They love chivalry; it’s alive and well in Colombia!


  • -They are very jealous of other women once they’re with you
  • -They desperately need family’s approval of you
  • -They will not have sex with you easily (unless they are “working girls”)
  • -Frequently are single mothers once they hit their late 20’s
  • -Expect you to provide for their families in Colombia if you move them to the USA
  • -Girls go out in groups, and are not very inclined out outsiders trying to make inroads on said group


Where to meet Colombian women in Medellín
Everywhere they happen to be. In a supermarket, shopping mall, coffee shop, nightclub, restaurant, etc. Don’t limit yourself to only nightlife hunting, which is actually harder to do.

My favorite places are Club Babylon, El Blue, Dulce Jesús Mío, Santa Fe mall, Oviedo mall, and El Tesoro mall.

Another good place is online. Check out www.latinamericancupid.com and arrange some dates ahead of your arrival.

Meeting Colombian women

The key is eye contact. If a woman gives you none, you face an uphill battle. I have never seen another nationality use their eyes as much. They are not bashful if they’re remotely interested in you, so step up to the plate if you’re interested. She can burn your eyeballs out with her piercing looks, but you still have to initiate contact.


Gringos (white people) are rare in Medellín, or anywhere else in Colombia. Use that to your advantage. Tall people even rarer. And if you’re white, tall, and have blue eyes, you have a big advantage. Regardless of how you look, my biggest tip to you is to…


Even the older ladies and gentlemen in Colombia dress well. If you wear glasses, buy some stylish ones and you’ll look like you’re straight out of France or Germany; not America.

Where to meet “Colombianas” in Medellín
Get yourself down to Parque Lleras. Head to either the Juan Valdez Cafe or La Bicycletta restaurant. Both are nice spots with plenty of foot traffic and have Wi-fi (so bring your smartphone and laptop). I am actually writing this article at the Juan Valdez Cafe, drinking a Latte.

Or, head to one of these three malls: Santa Fe, Oviedo, or El Tesoro.

Where to stay in Medellín
The best hotel to stay at is The Charlee, as it’s right where you need to be next to all the bars and restaurants. They also have a rooftop bar. Also check out Park 10, Dann Carlton, or Hotel San Fernando. Alternatively, book a place on www.airbnb.com, which is my preferred method of staying in Medellín.

There are plenty of low-cost hostels right in Parque Lleras, check out Tiger Paw and Hostal Relax 10.

Breakfast spots
I highly recommend eating at Desayunadero Restaurante or the restaurant/patio of Charlee Hotel. 

Coffee spotsThe Juan Valdez Cafe and La Bicycletta.

Spanish tutorI recommend a girl named Violeta B., you can contact her at www.facebook.com/violeteacher. Her rate is about $15/hour.

Butt implants
-Are their butts bigger naturally or from the help of a cosmetic surgeon? You can usually tell because the “fake” butts look wholly unnatural (two basketballs for a butt??). Yes, many women in Colombia have butt implants, or buttock augmentations.

Misc notes

-The more educated the paisa (Colombian native) is, the better her English will be
-The hottest woman I’ve seen in Colombia had a white guy on her arm

Victimhood eats a woman’s conscience

“Victims refuse to take personal responsibility for their lives”

Women who succumb to life’s challenges instead of standing up to them, also known as “taking responsibility,” develop a self-victimization mentality. Their dominant thought is one of, “Poor me.” They feel sorry for themselves and use their resulting feelings of victimhood to justify their mistreatment and manipulation of others.

Women who play the victim card are overall unhappy (and usually depressed), as their negative thinking over months and months takes its toll on their psyche. They’re pessimistic over optimistic; glass half empty over glass half full; and bent towards the negative.

But how does this victimhood mentality affect a woman’s conscience?

  • They will act out on their anger
  • They’re expert blamers; refusing to accept responsibility for their behaviors
  • They fraudulently play on a man’s sympathy to extract gain


The above are evidence of a woman’s disappearing boundaries of moral behavior. As women who think they’re victims also don’t think moral rules apply to them.

Instead of improving their situation and dealing with their unhappiness like a healthy adult, these women revert back to the position of a powerless child.

“[A woman] would rather feel justified in complaining endlessly about her unfortunate circumstances while passively registering her dissatisfaction than actively changing her situation” – Dr. Robert Firestone

These women refuse to take personal responsibility for their lives, and this makes them dangerous for men to date and especially marry. Until women drop their victimhood state, they should be avoided as relationship material. But don’t hold your breath, as the likelihood of them taking action and reversing this mentality is slim…


Women who lie about their age

Women who lie about their age are, above else…


It’s true, society and men specifically value a woman’s youthfulness. But with few exceptions, women who take care of themselves are desired by (adult) males of most ages.

It boils down to her confidence level. A confident woman will not hesitate in giving an honest answer to someone’s question about her age– period. Neither will she ask, “Well, how old do you think I am?” nor “You should know better than to ask a woman her age.” Furthermore, she doesn’t embrace an irrational point of view of her age that doesn’t matter to most men. The insecure woman is too vain to realize that although men do judge women by their personality and looks, she doesn’t understand that men can and do find women in their 40s and 50s attractive (assuming they’re up to date with fashion and aren’t overweight).

If a woman only lied about her age, you could perhaps give her a pass that one time. But the reality is that women who lie about something as discoverable and unalterable as their age frequently lie about other matters as well– big and small. So if you catch your new woman lying about her age, it should be a big red flag to you that she’s capable of lying about other matters.

It’s a shame, really, that women don’t know what we men know– that an attractive 45-year-old woman can be far more desirable than an attractive 25-year-old. The 25-year-old might have more youthful skin, but she also might have an attitude and a muffin top. Or she smokes a pack a day. Or lacks any flirting skills whatsoever, and kisses terribly. The list goes on and on.

A popular justification women use
One popular justification women use for lying is that– in online dating– they’re funneled to guys older than they are if they’re honest about their age. Their rational goes,

“I’m 45, and I want to date someone in their 30’s. But since guys in their 30’s are chasing women below 40, I have to put my age as 39 to get any interest.”

True, but that’s only if women sit back passively while on dating sites. When a woman who has a good profile picture reaches out and contacts a guy, she will rarely be instantly written off by men. Because when a guy sees a good pic in someone’s profile who’s contacting him, he’ll click on it to see more. And assuming her bio and photos are good, she stands a good chance of getting a response.




Dating professional, career women

There’s dating women, and then there’s dating professional, career women. Avoid the latter, most of the time. Especially if they’re nearing 40.

Here’s why.

Professional, career women usually delay well into their 30’s the notion of having a husband or permanent man around them. They set aside their desire to date, and instead concentrate on their careers full time. Sure, they’ll go out on the weekends, but it’s not to meet a man worth keeping. They go out to have fun with their girlfriends… not to meet eligible single men. Their satisfaction is tied to their work, and men just aren’t a priority.

I’ve seen it time and again. Meeting these women out, or seeing their Match.com profiles, they’ve never been married, no kids, and they’re professionals of some type: lawyers, entrepreneuers, bankers, MBAs, Ph.Ds, MDs, pilots, real estate agents, fitness pros, accountants, pharmaceutical saleswomen, police women, and business owners. Starting in their mid-30’s (20-somethings still could ditch their careers and settle with a man; at this point it’s too early to tell), these women start to realize that their child-bearing days are numbered, and everyone keeps asking them why they’re not married. So they go on the hunt for a husband.

This is the absolute worst time for an unsuspecting man to meet this type of woman. For she’s not into the man for him, she’s into him for what he can do for her life goals of children and (possibly) a husband. In other words, the man who ties up with her is being used as a tool with a dual purpose: give her children, and help her fill in the “married” check box. This using of men is epidemic, and sadly most men that end up in this spot never knew how badly they’ve been duped until years later.

Typically, these career women are not the nurturing type. Most women enter “caring” professions like education (teachers), medicine (nurses), child care (daycare providers), and service (customer service/sales). Which means a “professional” won’t make attentive mothers of your children, nor make efforts to be a good wife to you. They’re raised to believe men and women are both equal– so traditional male-female roles can be thrown out the window.

Professional, career women are really, in many regards, a man in a woman’s body. In their defense, they have been living in a man’s world for so long, it’s hard not to get a male brain. They drive expensive cars, flash their success (nice apartments or houses), brag about their work, and love to drink and party on the weekends.

More bluntly, these women are toxic to the men that eventually fall victim to them. These women will frequently dump their birth control (if they’re on anything at all) and try to get pregnant. Or at least being OK with getting pregnant with any man she happens to be having sex with. She thinks she would like a man or marriage partner, but if she only gets a child out of the deal at least she’s 50% of the way there. And some women are even honest to themselves that they do not want a man; they simply want a child. One woman I know that’s 39 and a lawyer went to a sperm bank and got herself pregnant through artificial insemination. The ultimate act of, “Man not required!”

Here are typical traits of the professional, career single woman:

-Very good at her job. Has advanced extraordinarily far in many cases
-Never has been married and no kids
-Type A personality
-Extremely independent and selfish
-Lacks femininity and nurturing
-Doesn’t enjoy a man taking the lead
-Dominates the conversation, and asks her date few questions
-Chooses passive boyfriends and husbands
-Doesn’t like sex that much (unless they’re trying to lure a guy or get pregnant)

Lovely list above, isn’t it? These women have been living in a man’s world for so long that they’ve taken on many masculine traits.

If you like a strong, dominant, Type A woman, then a career woman is what you should seek. Otherwise, it’s best to avoid them.

Bonus tip: The most obvious way these women reveal themselves? Without exception, they ask you little to nothing about your own career, children, hobbies, or life pursuits.


What the inside of a woman’s car tells you about her

We’re all about shortcuts in life, and finding ways to understand people without wasting three years before discovering they’re a complete mess, for example.

Well, here is one extremely effective way to understand how organized or disorganized a woman’s life is:

Look at the inside of her car.

Is her car full of empty Arby’s cups, burger wrappers, trash, magazines, clothes, old receipts, melted chocolate, scattered change, and multiple pairs of shoes?

Some women could actually live off of the stuff found in their car. They’ll have in it gym bags, water bottles, snack bars, clothes, dry cleaned clothes, multiple purses, diapers, shopping bags, etc.

If a woman’s car is a mess, then you can be guaranteed that her closet, bathroom, and kitchen are a mess, too. In fact, way beyond that, you can rest assured that her entire life is a mess.

Women with messy cars are usually irresponsible, disorganized, and lack self-control in their lives.

Associated with a lack of self-control in their lives is a lack of self-esteem. After all, if you feel good about who you are, how could you live with such disorganization and filth?

Think about this. How do you feel when you enter these women’s cars and homes? It’s not a comfortable experience, is it? So if you have a hard time being in them for just five minutes, can you imagine spending your lifetime with someone who finds it acceptable to live like this? And if women are slobs when they’re single (when women should be trying their hardest to make good impressions on men), wait until you get into a relationship with them– you’ll be needing a hazmat suit and Clorox!

The flip side is the woman whose car’s interior is neat and clean. She’s the type of woman who also maintains her home– specifically her bathroom and closet (which are the biggest home-based indicators of a woman’s psychological well-being). These women are organized, take pride in their possessions and environment, and try to make a good impression on other people. All in all, they have their act together and their life under control.

An exception to this rule is the obsessive-compulsive clean freak, whose issue is not cleanliness but rather control. Stay away from women at either extreme.

And now a key point, write this one down: If a woman isn’t going to take pride in the things that she owns, she’s not going to take pride in caring for you, either. Don’t even think about correcting or fixing them, think instead about leaving them. You can’t save someone from themselves.

In writing this article, we tried to come up with women we’ve known who were exceptions to this theory, but we couldn’t think of a single one! It’s a powerful truism: A glimpse inside of a woman’s car is truly a glimpse into her overall life.

Bonus tip #1: As you part ways on a date, always insist on walking a woman back to her car. One glimpse will tell you more about her than 50 dates could.

Bonus tip #2: If you want to have a little fun with her (if her car is a mess), say this, “So, is it true what they say, ‘A girl whose car’s interior is a chaotic disaster also has a chaotic life?” Say it with a smile, of course :)

The top three snoop-worthy places in your home

When you bring a woman back to your place, keep in mind that she WILL be snooping in the following key locations when she has the chance:

1. Your bathroom/closet
2. Your dresser drawers and nightstands
3. Your phone

Women are snoopy by nature, yet interestingly they’re typically not curious about politics or news, or your job (or even theirs). What they do care about is what’s going on in your social world. And the quickest way to find out is to snoop through your bedroom, bathroom, and phone.

Women know that guys lie profusely, but evidence does not. Text messages from Julianne who says, “Hey sexy,” and from Carrie who says, “Had a great time with you last night” is exactly the kind of confirmation they’re looking for. Finding pics on your phone with you and other women (or their breasts ;) in it, reading sexual innuendos, finding three condoms when just last week you had ten confirms her suspicions that she’s not your “one and only.” Women will also look through your phone’s address book to see how many female friends you have.

In your bathroom, she’ll use her time to do so much more than just relieve herself. She will go through drawers, medicine cabinets, and your shower (is there girl stuff in there like razors or shampoo?). In your closet, she’s trying to find your bag of tricks containing your condoms, lube, etc.

The bathroom is also where women love to plant something to mark their territory. It generally is something simple that escapes men’s radar: a long piece of hair stuck into a drawer, a bobby pin, an earring, lip gloss, ponytail holder, etc. The key point is, it’s something small that a guy wouldn’t notice. But future women at your place will…

In your bedroom, the very first place she’ll look is your nightstands, followed by your dresser drawers and under your bed. So anytime after a girl leaves, do a clean sweep of all these areas. Women will leave behind nighties, underwear, necklaces, hair clips, hairbands– things that didn’t cost her much. You’ll rarely see a woman leaving behind something of value like a watch.

The #1 thing women want to snoop through? Your phone. Nothing else comes close.

Here’s some advanced knowledge you won’t get anywhere else: This female drive for knowledge about you ends up, for most women, a disaster in self-inflicted emotional pain:

-The desire to know the truth
-They discover the truth
-They wish they would have never found it
-The obsession and agony begins – lost sleep, binging, stress, rallying the girlfriends, etc. (and the irony is, it’s all self-inflicted!)

If a woman is dating more than one man, you’ll more than likely never know about it. Women are much smarter at covering their tracks because they’re about small details. We men are far more careless and lazy about covering our tracks.

So keep your home free of female “droppings,” and she’ll think that she’s likely your one and only love interest. She’ll spy on your butt regardless, but the less she finds the more peaceful your life, and hers, will be. If she doesn’t find anything, she’ll trust you (which is what she wants to do), and the spying will stop. She’ll feel guilty for even doubting you– regardless of what your social life really is…

Bonus tip #1: Don’t put a passcode on your phone, as it screams that you have something to hide. Instead, simply delete all female text messages and emails.

Bonus tip #2: Women know that the more females the guy has, the more secretive he is about his stuff, therefore he’ll be hiding it better. Moral here? Hide your stash somewhere less obvious, like the laundry room.

Bonus tip #3: Snooping women aren’t seeking your financials, they’re seeking your females!

Rejection often leads to revenge

As boys grow up into men, they will have experienced rejection countless times: on the football field in the form of choked plays and losses, in dating, during fights after school where they get their clocks cleaned, etc.

Boys generally aren’t coddled by their parents too much, and especially by their Dads. They fall down or get pushed down, and are told to get up and “suck it up.”

Most girls, on the other hand get treated differently– especially by their fathers. “Daddy’s girl” sounds sweet and innocent, however it can be detrimental to raising a woman who’s capable of facing the real world.

“Daddy’s girls” too often automatically become entitlement princesses, which turns them into the ultimate biotch. The problem is, they’ve never learned how to deal with rejection or consequences in a healthy way.

These women are the ones who, when hurt, will seek out revenge because they don’t know how to deal with their emotional pain in any other way. And when they don’t get what they want? – Watch out. The saying, “Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman” wasn’t created out of thin air.

Fast forward to marriages. Why do you think the conventional wisdom of a man just saying, “Yes, dear” to her is so prevalent? It’s because many women are unable to deal with conflict at all. So instead of living in a toxic atmosphere, men will simply just their mouths to avoid the discomfort of conflict with these women.

So guess what happens when these women get rejected and hurt (and they all do)? They are ripe for going dirty in their needs for revenge. These are the women who make a public scene, spread false rumors, mock your manhood, slash tires, or otherwise vandalize a guy’s car, or who hatch nasty plots to get back at the men who hurt them.

Think back to the movie, Fatal Attraction. What’s driving the psychotic behavior of actress Glenn Close? One word: rejection. In the extreme, these women will think, “If I can’t have you, nobody else can, either.”

Revenge-minded women seek your misery in order to soothe their pain. Just look at the lyrics in the popular song by Carrie Underwood, Before He Cheats:

“I dug my key into the side

Of his pretty little souped-up 4 wheel drive

Carved my name into his leather seat

I took a Louisville slugger to both head lights

Slashed a hole in all 4 tires

And maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats”

What’s the source of this unlawful, unethical, and crazy behavior? Again, it’s rejection. Which leads to her need for such revenge. The only way for her to feel better is for the man that hurt her to feel worse.

Here’s the simple formula:

Warning flags that you’re dating a woman capable of doing you harm
You’re too afraid to stand up to her because of her outbursts; the thought of getting rid of her or divorcing her sends chills up your spine; she flies off the handle when she doesn’t get her way.

There’s no fixing them, no reasoning with them, or repairing them via marriage or counseling 99% of the time. Some do one day realize their crazy ways, but it’s extremely rare. There are too many women out there that aren’t this way to waste your time dealing with those that are. Cut your losses, and allow her to move onto her next unsuspecting victim.

Bonus tip: There’s no good way to dump a crazy girl. So do it as you would in peeling off a band aid: discard quickly and do not look back. Any interaction past the breakup will never be good.

Bonus tip #2: Does she fly off the handle easily regarding her friends, family, or her exes? Well, you’re next (if you haven’t figured that out already).

Women who are in counseling or therapy

Surely a woman who is in counseling is a woman whom you should support and help in her efforts to improve herself, right?


Here’s the problem: on some level, a woman in counseling is fixated on past negative events, and is incapable of fixing herself.

Which is problematic, because women are usually the ones who are the nurturers and fixers who pride themselves on making things good again.

If she can’t fix herself without the aid of somebody else, you very likely have a high maintenance woman on your hands. She’s a negative-minded person who will focus on what’s going wrong in her life rather than on what’s right.

She’s a black hole of negative emotions, and she will suck you into it.

Bottom line: women who are in counseling are not mentally healthy, and the vast majority are drama queens and professional victims (“poor me!”). They are very adept at playing that “victim” card. Date these women at your own risk… and if you do decide to marry, all I can say is “good luck!

Bonus tip #1: A woman who’s in counseling is normally also on antidepressants.

Bonus tip #2: One in three American women, and twice as many women than men, have taken antidepressants.

Bonus tip #3: You think a woman PMSing is bad? Wait until you’re dating a woman on antidepressants and her pill bottle runs out. You’ll need to sleep with one eye open and a helmet on ;)

Decoding “Womanspeak”

Women frequently speak in code around men. Below we decode women’s most frequently used expressions into language that’s the actual truth:

  1. “Nothing is wrong” = Something big is upsetting her and the fact that you can’t guess what it is, just pissed her off.
  2. “I normally don’t do this” = She has many times, just not with you yet
  3. “Fine” = She is anything but fine… no matter what context it is used it, it NEVER means all is well.
  4. “It is up to you” = You better not make the wrong decision or you are dead meat.
  5. “Are you listening to me?” = If she says this, you are already screwed, she knows you are not listening
  6. “Let’s just be friends” = She isn’t attracted to you at all and is trying to let you down easily
  7. “Take care” = “F” off
  8. “Good for you” = You suck (driven by feelings of jealousy)
  9. “Are you a Player?” = She thinks that you are, and there’s no way you’re going to convince her otherwise
  10. “What do you want to do?” = You better come up with a plan fast
  11. “We need to talk” = You are in trouble. You are either getting dumped or thrown into the dog house
  12. “I will be ready in a minute” = Sit down; she is not even close to being ready
  13. “Not tonight I have a headache/ I’m on my period” = Don’t even think about getting “lucky”, she doesn’t want to have sex with you
  14. “How do I look?” = Unless you want a fight that would rival a nuclear war, choose your words wisely
  15. “We are moving too fast” = She is seeing other guys and is waiting to see if she can get better than you
  16. “I think we need some space” = She hopes you get lost in it
  17. “Is this just a fling?” = Are you seeing someone else
  18. “I don’t want to talk about it” = Keep asking, she likes and needs the attention
  19. “If you really want me to” = You are sooo going to owe her; she doesn’t want to
  20. “You are so sweet” = She isn’t that into you
  21. “Go ahead, it’s OK” = She is not happy about you going
  22. “I’ll try anything once” = She doesn’t want to do it, but will do so anyway
  23. “Where do you see yourself in five years?” = Do you see yourself with her in five years?
  24. “Do you want kids one day?” = I want to have your baby. Are you onboard?
  25. “How many women have you been with before?” = It’s not about the number; she wants to know where she ranks (it’s an insecurity-based question)

How dirty is the inside of her… car?

One shortcut to find out how organized and clean a woman you meet is, is to take a quick look into her car.

The inside of her car is usually an accurate reflection of her apartment’s condition– specifically her kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and closets. A fairly clean interior free of Coke cans, Taco Bell wrappers, shoes, wadded papers, and other junk means she tends to take care of her surroundings.

Peering inside her car, here are some telltale signs of one messy, disorganized girl:

1. Fast food trash
2. Clothing of any kind
3. Shoes in the back seat (think of the smell that’s being transferred)
4. Anything gym-related
5. Beer cans or any other cans
6. Front passenger seat containing more than two handfuls of anything
7. Empty water bottles
8. Any makeup
9. College textbooks

There’s an even deeper extension off of this that you may not realize. If she’s disorganized in her personal space– her car and her apartment are the biggest clues for you– then she’s very likely to be disorganized in other areas of her life. Including professionally.

A woman with messy, disorganized surroundings usually has a lot of mess and disorganization in other areas of her life.

It’s not a hard and fast rule, and there are plenty of exceptions. But you should be open to the possibility of other things being in disarray in her life.

At the very least, it’s fun to do this “car check,” and give her a hard time if she doesn’t pass it. Ask her, “is it true what they say about women with messy cars?” Have fun!