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Emotional infidelity in women

Society is well aware of men’s sexual infidelity problem. But what’s seldom talked about is the female ability to emotionally cheat.

Emotional infidelity is far worse than sexual fidelity in most instances. A man’s ability to have sex without an emotional connection is rarely replicated in women. The equivalent today to a man’s sexual boundary crossing is a woman’s crossing emotional boundaries. A quick example: a married woman who shares intimate details of her life with another man. This act is done frequently today. This includes:

1. Complaining to any other man about her man.

2. Divulging secrets and intimate details of her man to any other human being– not just another man.

Women crave an emotional connection with her man. But when they take the facts and details from this heart-to-heart connection and share it inappropriately with others, they are being emotionally unfaithful and should not be trusted. A woman who lacks boundaries in this area lacks boundaries in most.

Emotional infidelity is worse than sexual infidelity for the simple reason that the heart is more important than our sex parts. And it doesn’t happen just to couples in a relationship or marriage– it frequently rears its ugly head during dating. A woman will take details from private discussions with her man and share them with her mom, friends, or male friends. This kind of woman cannot be trusted, and is deeply toxic to men she has a relationship with.

In summary, women are far more likely to cheat on their men by emotional means than physical; but this type of cheating is far more damaging to their  relationship than sexual infidelity…

Bonus tip: Men are victims of this infidelity in equal numbers as women who are victims of men’s sexual infidelity.