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Masters level dating tip #7

“Being attracted to both women and men is the norm for most women”

Women don’t always act on their attraction, but very frequently will when they’ve been drinking. A woman’s body is universally admired and desired by men, women, and even gays (gays especially love boobs). Women have no problems acknowledging and appreciating another woman’s sexuality.

Societal barriers have been the main force keeping women from verbalizing and acting on their attraction towards other women. Women are deathly afraid of being labeled a tramp, a whore, a nymph, etc. Which is why alcohol helps reveal their true desires– it drops their inhibitions and reveals their true desires.

Bonus tip: more women would be open to threesomes if men were more trustworthy (sorry, guys).

Masters level dating tip #5

“A woman who can’t achieve joy being around a bunch of exciting kids can’t achieve it being around adults, either”

Kids are the one group of people who don’t judge, have free spirits, and give unconditional love. The goofier and more animated they are, the more connected they feel with you. So… that’s the time to let one’s inner child out and just have fun. But many women are too wrapped up in image and perceptions that they cannot do it.

Think of how rare it is to see a woman or mother playfully wrestle with kids. Even good, relaxed women are rarely playful.

Essential point? They are uptight and stressed out. 

Bonus tip: A woman who is genuinely playful around kids will genuinely playful around you. Her true core is who you see when she’s with her children.

The perfect “Had fun, but I’m not interested” text to send women

Have you ever had a one-night stand and the next day wondered how the heck you back out from ever seeing her again without getting your tires slashed?

Have you ever exchanged numbers with a woman, but you quickly realized you’re not interested in her and now you’re left trying to find a tactful way out?

Here’s a great solution for these situations that occur frequently your dating life. Simply send her this text (this is an actual screenshot of a text I sent):

Hey (her name), I had a good time with you but unfortunately I don’t feel we are compatible. I’m sure you will find a guy that you will click with. I wish you well on your search. Take care, (your name)

Women hate being led on, and despise being left hanging. Most guys take the chicken-shit approach and hope that by ignoring her she’ll take the hint and go away.

Until you verbalize or text it to women, they will make every excuse in the book as to why you haven’t responded to them. They’ll say illogical things like, “maybe the text didn’t come through,” “maybe he’s traveling,” “maybe he lost my number,” “maybe he responded but I didn’t get his text,” etc.

Guys make the mistake of trying not to come across as an ass by rejecting her. However, they are already an ass the second they leave her hanging. Women would rather have you shoot straight than lead them on and then dump them anyway.

A woman that is into you will live in denial until you force her to face the reality that the feeling is not mutual.

So man up.

Send the above words within 24 hours. She won’t like receiving them, but she’ll appreciate your honest approach.. something I can promise you she rarely sees in the dating world.


The one thing that will set you apart from her other first dates

You know what women’s biggest complaint is on first dates with men?

It’s that they talk nonstop about their job.

Men have no idea how disinterested most women are in the careers we’re in. What matters to them is only that (a) you have a job, and (b) you can provide for yourself (you’re stable). Women don’t share the same enthusiasm guys do about work. In fact, most women don’t like to work, period, and are looking for a way out– their meal ticket. This covers about 85% of women, by the way. So it’s foolish for men to expect women to get interested in their professions. They don’t.

Women know that guys whose world is centered around their careers are self-centered and lack emotional depth. So if guys are giving a monologue on how great they are at their profession, women will wonder: “Will he have time for me?” Which is, by the way, one of women’s greatest sources of insecurity and concern (“Where will I fit in?”).

So with this knowledge, your future first dates will be memorable to the women you’re with. They will actually look forward to seeing you again, as you’re the first guy in a long time who actually talked with her instead of to her.

Stop talking about your job; make her bring it up first. And once she does, “get in and get out.” For example,

Her: “So, what kind of work do you do?”
You: “I’m a doctor”
Her: “Oh really? What kind?”
You: “I’m a pediatrician…”

Notice how in this example you’re answering her without elaboration. Elaborating about your job turns women off, as they simply don’t care about its details. If she wants to know more about your job, she’ll ask. And odds are, she won’t ask more than two or three questions about your work. Read Bonus Tip #1 below for some great suggestions on what to talk about instead…

Bonus tip #1: Stand out from the pack by asking her these questions: Favorite childhood memories (what’s the most amount of trouble you got into? What’s your biggest regret growing up?). Women like a guy who shows depth. Are you at the place in your life where you thought you’d be when you were a child? Stay away from the typical questions of “Where did you grow up, what do you do for a living, what do you do in your spare time, etc.”

Bonus tip #2: Women love to talk about the past because that’s what they tend to dwell on.

Bonus tip #3: When asking about her ex (husband or boyfriend), the longer the answer she gives you, the more hung up she still is on him. So if she elaborates, she still has unresolved feelings. Beware! As most women have a hard time letting go…