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How to meet women in Colombia

How to meet women in Colombia, specifically Medellín? Here’s your 5-minute guide.

First off, learn some basics in Spanish before arriving down here. A few weeks prior, get the Pimsleur Spanish I (lessons 1-30; no need to buy the entire course). It’s much better than Rosetta Stone, who teaches you the word for “apple” before the basics of conversation like “Where are you from?”

Getting here (to Medellín) nonstop from the USA is done via the US airlines American (out of MIA), Spirit (FLL), and JetBlue (FLL). Alternatively, you can fly in on a central or south American airline via a connection. The flying time out of Miami is a short 3 1/2 hours.

The area to be in Medellín is El Poblado, and more specifically Parque Lleras. This area is extremely active– lots of women– and safe as big cities go. I feel more safe here, in fact, than I ever have in Paris. In Paris I’ve been nearly robbed, and robbed of a CD player as I sat in the rail station.

First off, why Colombian women? 

Here’s a short list of PROs of why men the world over flock to this country to seek out Colombian women:


  • -They accentuate their femininity and sexiness (they wear high heels, even in the middle of the day, and super tight jeans and spandex pants)
  • -They are very nurturing. They enjoy taking care of their man
  • -The best derriers (butts) in the world
  • -Their skin is extremely soft. I call it Asian-like in its silky quality
  • -They’re passionate
  • -Big cities are relatively safe
  • -They love chivalry; it’s alive and well in Colombia!


  • -They are very jealous of other women once they’re with you
  • -They desperately need family’s approval of you
  • -They will not have sex with you easily (unless they are “working girls”)
  • -Frequently are single mothers once they hit their late 20’s
  • -Expect you to provide for their families in Colombia if you move them to the USA
  • -Girls go out in groups, and are not very inclined out outsiders trying to make inroads on said group


Where to meet Colombian women in Medellín
Everywhere they happen to be. In a supermarket, shopping mall, coffee shop, nightclub, restaurant, etc. Don’t limit yourself to only nightlife hunting, which is actually harder to do.

My favorite places are Club Babylon, El Blue, Dulce Jesús Mío, Santa Fe mall, Oviedo mall, and El Tesoro mall.

Another good place is online. Check out www.latinamericancupid.com and arrange some dates ahead of your arrival.

Meeting Colombian women

The key is eye contact. If a woman gives you none, you face an uphill battle. I have never seen another nationality use their eyes as much. They are not bashful if they’re remotely interested in you, so step up to the plate if you’re interested. She can burn your eyeballs out with her piercing looks, but you still have to initiate contact.


Gringos (white people) are rare in Medellín, or anywhere else in Colombia. Use that to your advantage. Tall people even rarer. And if you’re white, tall, and have blue eyes, you have a big advantage. Regardless of how you look, my biggest tip to you is to…


Even the older ladies and gentlemen in Colombia dress well. If you wear glasses, buy some stylish ones and you’ll look like you’re straight out of France or Germany; not America.

Where to meet “Colombianas” in Medellín
Get yourself down to Parque Lleras. Head to either the Juan Valdez Cafe or La Bicycletta restaurant. Both are nice spots with plenty of foot traffic and have Wi-fi (so bring your smartphone and laptop). I am actually writing this article at the Juan Valdez Cafe, drinking a Latte.

Or, head to one of these three malls: Santa Fe, Oviedo, or El Tesoro.

Where to stay in Medellín
The best hotel to stay at is The Charlee, as it’s right where you need to be next to all the bars and restaurants. They also have a rooftop bar. Also check out Park 10, Dann Carlton, or Hotel San Fernando. Alternatively, book a place on www.airbnb.com, which is my preferred method of staying in Medellín.

There are plenty of low-cost hostels right in Parque Lleras, check out Tiger Paw and Hostal Relax 10.

Breakfast spots
I highly recommend eating at Desayunadero Restaurante or the restaurant/patio of Charlee Hotel. 

Coffee spotsThe Juan Valdez Cafe and La Bicycletta.

Spanish tutorI recommend a girl named Violeta B., you can contact her at www.facebook.com/violeteacher. Her rate is about $15/hour.

Butt implants
-Are their butts bigger naturally or from the help of a cosmetic surgeon? You can usually tell because the “fake” butts look wholly unnatural (two basketballs for a butt??). Yes, many women in Colombia have butt implants, or buttock augmentations.

Misc notes

-The more educated the paisa (Colombian native) is, the better her English will be
-The hottest woman I’ve seen in Colombia had a white guy on her arm