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Should I date a woman who is on antidepressants?

Should you date a woman who is on antidepressants?

Yes… if you have no problem being around a woman who cannot control her own moods and negative thinking. You’re willing to go against the odds and help make her happy again. And she’s very definitely on a path to recovery.

No… if you do have a problem being around a woman who lacks the ability to regulate her emotions, and has turned to pills for the answer to her negative thinking.

My advice is to never, ever, date a woman who is on antidepressants. Sure there are cases where she will quickly heal her thinking and likely victimhood status, but they are rare, gentlemen.

I just asked a girl that I’ve been going out with if she’s on antidepressants, and she admitted that she is (she’s on Buproprian). For me, it’s an instant deal-killer. She will find out that I am no longer interested in dating her tonight.

I have noticed over the years that women who are on antidepressant medications are negative thinkers in general. Antidepressant medications like Zoloft, Lexapro, and Prozac are band-aids to the larger problem of dysfunctional thinking. A woman on meds is a rescue project. Are you up to the task? Many men are. In fact, many men get high levels of esteem from helping women get back on track in their lives. We like to be needed by women. To fix their problems.

But be forewarned: it can be quite toxic to men to deeply involve themselves with depressed women. These women have the ability to suck your positive energy right out of you, and to drag you into their drama-filled world. A pill is a band-aid, as it covers the symptoms– not the cause– of their faulty thinking. But if you do decide to date a woman on antidepressants, ask her what it is specifically about her thinking that will allow her to cease taking a drug in the shortest amount of time. In other words, what’s her specific plan for getting off the drug?

–Bonus tip: It’s sad that these women never were taught how to control their thoughts. In my experience, most depressed women I’ve encountered had “Daddy” issues (father estrangement or abandonment). A strong father has a huge influence in crafting emotionally balanced women.

–Bonus tip #2: Is her mother mentally balanced? If not, this is a huge red flag! Especially if the mother is close to her.

Women who are in counseling or therapy

Surely a woman who is in counseling is a woman whom you should support and help in her efforts to improve herself, right?


Here’s the problem: on some level, a woman in counseling is fixated on past negative events, and is incapable of fixing herself.

Which is problematic, because women are usually the ones who are the nurturers and fixers who pride themselves on making things good again.

If she can’t fix herself without the aid of somebody else, you very likely have a high maintenance woman on your hands. She’s a negative-minded person who will focus on what’s going wrong in her life rather than on what’s right.

She’s a black hole of negative emotions, and she will suck you into it.

Bottom line: women who are in counseling are not mentally healthy, and the vast majority are drama queens and professional victims (“poor me!”). They are very adept at playing that “victim” card. Date these women at your own risk… and if you do decide to marry, all I can say is “good luck!

Bonus tip #1: A woman who’s in counseling is normally also on antidepressants.

Bonus tip #2: One in three American women, and twice as many women than men, have taken antidepressants.

Bonus tip #3: You think a woman PMSing is bad? Wait until you’re dating a woman on antidepressants and her pill bottle runs out. You’ll need to sleep with one eye open and a helmet on ;)