Sexting 101 for men

Women complain that most men are clueless about effectively sexting them. Seduction-by-text doesn’t just happen at night while sitting at home bored. True seduction starts slowly during the day and then builds… and then combusts at night.

Here are some useful female-approved texts to use:

“I want to feel your body pressed up against mine”
The words “fondle, tantalize, seduce, touch, feel, graze, grab, hold…”
“I want you”
“I want to feel your kiss”
“I love the way you…”
“I’d give anything to have you doing…. to me right now”
“Thinking of you, (insert your cute name for her)”
“I want to be inside of you” (only if you’ve actually been with her before)
Middle of day out of nowhere, “Thinking about you, I would give anything to have you right now.”

The biggest sexting mistake guys make is being too crass. Be sexual guys, but not offensive. No talking about the raw plumbing that makes sex work.

Bonus tip: Go read a romance novel, and you’ll discover that they turn women on *immensely* without using crass words. They all use words of seduction (see list above).

Remember, too, that all women will question whether this a text meant specifically for her, or one sent en mass to every girl in your address book. Especially if it’s early in dating. So be specific, with pet names, inside references, or something you two do to each other to let her know this is headed only to her phone.

Women want to feel needed and wanted; it’s what they thrive off of. They will love your sappy texts if you put some thought into it, eliminating any and all crass words. Think indirect, not direct, and paint a creative picture for her. I can promise you she will be bragging about you to her friends at work.


And please, don’t use the words c*nt or pu**y. Ever. Women cringe at these two. Nor send a picture of your manhood, unless you want her laughing at it and forwarding it to her friends.