Post-breakup: Her friends’ loyalties

After dating a woman for a while, you’ll start meeting her friends. Some of these women will be very cool to you, and you’ll gain a level of respect for them. They’re very likable people, after all.

Years can pass by, and by that time you would think that if you and your woman ever break up, these quality women would see your point of view and try to stay out of the conflict. Right?


Never forget this: a woman’s friends have loyalty to only one party– and it’s not you. Her friends and not your friends. Think of them as wolves in sheep’s clothing. Whatever you tell your ex’s friends in “confidence” might as well be spoken directly to her. She will find out, no matter how neutral or even sympathetic her friends might be to your side of the story. Her friends will even throw her under the bus in an attempt to make you think that they’re on your side.

Women’s programming does not include chasing after the guy their friend just dumped. Unlike how we guys operate! It does happen, but rarely. Women band together around their friend who just had a break-up, and repel that verminous man who is now her “ex.”

Your ex’s friends are loyal to her, and only to her. Disregard our warning at your own peril!