If a woman can hate a child…

Women are generally a nurturing species, and the easiest way to melt their heart is through a child. Even the most jaded of women will smile when a child does something cute. A woman’s instinct is to care for, love, and protect children– even a child they don’t even know.

However, there is a type of woman, gentlemen, who is capable of displaying actual contempt and hatred towards a child (even one they claim to love).

All children act out at times, some worse than others, but a normal woman is able to separate the behavior of the child from the child’s core. So a rambunctious, difficult 8-year-old boy, for example, is viewed by most women as being a typical boy, but his core is never, ever attacked. Nor is he maligned, denigrated, or otherwise put down.

But women with a cold core conflate the annoying, frustrating, and perplexing actions of a child with the child’s worthiness as a human being. Women who are with a partner who has a child from another woman will often take out any jealousy or contempt they have for that woman onto the child. Rather than viewing the child as an extension of the new man she’s with, it’s a constant reminder of the woman he was with before her.

This is extremely common, but rarely talked about. It is one of the biggest red flags that will show a man his new partner’s mental health. An emotionally healthy woman will go out of her way to make children– especially a man’s she’s into– feel accepted in her world. She’ll even sometimes neglect her own kids’ needs to meet the needs of the new child of the family.

If this is not happening, and she plays favorites with her children over her man’s from a previous relationship or marriage, that’s a serious problem. These women have rotten cores, and the damage they can do to a man’s children is not something to take lightly.

Women who are capable of having contempt for children on any level at all need to be avoided by men. If they’re this way towards the most pure and innocent of human beings, think about how they will be towards their man, or how they’re going to react when he makes a mistake. The reason that most second marriages fail is not because of financial issues, it’s because the family cannot be blended. And since the heart of the home is the woman, if the family falls apart it’s usually her fault.

So why do some women have this cruel resentment towards our little ones? It’s simple. It’s a outward display of a woman’s own insecurities, which are based on the child’s mother (a man’s ex-wife or ex-girlfriend), and the relationship he had with her. And the easiest target for her to take out her hostility is his the child.

The thing that’s so sick about this is that a man didn’t even need to have had a good relationship with the ex. It’s the fact that he one at all!

Don’t underestimate how powerful of a driver jealousy is in a woman’s life. While most women can put aside their crazy emotions and deal appropriately and lovingly with their new man’s children, there’s a good amount of women out there who can’t. We all know that women can be a little nutty sometimes, but a mentally healthy woman would never let that side of her touch a child…