Givers vs. Takers

There are broadly two types of women, one who is a Giver and the other who is a Taker when it regards to men.

Let us start out with the type you want to avoid: The Takers. Takers are the women who use men. They use them primarily for the resources men willingly hand over. They don’t require attraction to these men they’re after. Sure, they would love a great looking guy, but they realize that these kind of men are more likely to leave them one day. So when you see a hot woman with an average or ugly man, you’re seeing a Taker at work.

Takers will go after many things that men have, including:

  • Sperm (to give them offspring)
  • Shelter (they get tired of living with a roommate in a one bedroom apartment)
  • Luxuries (travel, exotic cars and homes, etc)
  • Lifestyle (high end functions, nightclubs, etc)
  • Basic goods (drinks at a bar, a ride home, a car

Takers are superficial and only one layer deep. They’re very calculating and cunning, and prey on men’s weaknesses.

The healthiest kind of woman is a Giver who wants a Giver in her man.