The Essential 5 C’s of Courting Women

What traits do women desire in a man? We have filtered down a topic that could fill a book into just five simple concepts. Here they are…


This is the biggie. It’s by far the most important trait a man can have in the eyes of women. Women do not like uncertain, insecure, directionless, wimpy men.

Women can’t resist a confident man. He takes initiative, makes plans, and doesn’t seek approval from her. He’s never acting needy. He has a goal set for his career, knows what he wants out of life, and confidently moves forward

Here is classic example of the wrong way to ask a woman out: You call her up and ask “What kind of food do you like,” or “Where would you like to eat tonight?” Never get caught showing such spineless behavior. Step up to the plate and make some plans!

Assuming she’s agreed to meet up with you, the correct way to ask her out is always with a statement, such as “Let’s meet up at 7pm, I’ll pick you up.” As an added bonus, tell her what kind of attire she should wear, and mention that it’s a “surprise” or “you’ll see” to her questioning where the destination is… she’ll love the anticipation.

Calm and Controlled

Have you ever seen in movies an actor who can have seemingly any woman he likes? James Bond, for instance. Now, consider his demeanor. How calm and controlled is he?

Is he a nervous wreck? Does he try too hard? Does he lean in on women and talk their ears off? Laughing at everything they say? Or act excited and desperate to win the woman over?

Of course not.

What attracts women is a calm, non-hyper man, who is controlled with his actions.

Women have great radar for guys who are deep within, desperate or needy. Acting too excited and trying too hard to gain a woman’s attention will kill your chances with her.


Women love to laugh. It doesn’t mean you have to have the humor of a comedian. It does, though, mean keeping your dates fun, cracking a few jokes, being sarcastic, and keeping the atmosphere light.

When women are asked what it is about a man they like, the most common answer they give is that he’s “funny,” or “he makes me laugh.”

A date is not a job interview. It’s a chance to find out about somebody, and gauge the chemistry between the two of you. By inserting some fun, you’re subconsciously telling a woman that you’re secure with yourself in the company of women and are enjoyable to be around.


Women love it when men put some thought into a date. How many women love theater, for instance? Most do. Yet most guys don’t venture out on a limb and try something unique to entertain himself and his date.

A great way to get out of a rut of taking girls to the same places is to view the weekly entertainment inserts in your local newspaper that list the happenings around town. Read through that and get some ideas. Pick an activity or spot at random if you have to.

Get creative with where you take women, and you will leave her surprised with a smile. You’ll separate yourself from your competition.

Creativity is also important in the bedroom. Do you have just 3 positions in your repertoire and “steps” that she knows by heart? Change things up.

Buy a book showing 100 different positions or ideas, and try 3 new ones out on her each time. If you put forth the effort to also be considerate and caring (hey, another C) of her sexual fulfillment– and not just yours– you’ll be a partner she can’t stop thinking about.

So start thinking about this Creativity thing in everything you do and plan with women, and you’ll be one adventurous guy she can’t get enough of.


Don’t be so easy to read and predictable.

Women will never admit it, or even know it consciously, but they like a man who’s a bit mysterious; not a man who calls them twice a day and whose intentions are fully obvious (full steam ahead!). This bores them.

Women talk about how predictable most guys are. They always answer on the first ring, or they call right back as soon as they hear their voicemail, for instance. They are always available when comparing schedules for an upcoming date, always agree with the woman’s opinion, are always available on the weekend for her, and always yield to their every suggestion.

Quite simply, these guys will not say “no”— and in the process show no challenge to the woman whatsoever.

Become scarce at times, and stop acting like you’re on a schedule with her. After all, a man who has many plates spinning will be this way naturally.

If you’re not this fortunate yet, don’t fret… simply start acting like it. Eventually, once you’ve followed the advice on, you will behave this naturally, and will never look at dating– or yourself–the same way again