Does she make it easy to love her?

Does your woman make it easy to love her?

A great question to ask yourself because if a woman is difficult to love, your relationship is more than likely doomed. At the very least, your happiness will be threatened.

A woman who is easy to love has an overall cheerful disposition, doesn’t nag, isn’t a worry-wart, accepts you for who you are (doesn’t try to change you), is loving and sweet, and doesn’t bitch about every small nuisance in her life.

Here’s a list of the above important traits that make a woman easy to love:

  • -Loving
  • -Positive and cheerful
  • -Accepting of you
  • -Sweet
  • -Accountable
  • -Secure with herself
  • -Fun
  • -Doesn’t: nag, complain, or worry (excessively)

If you think about the unhappiest women you’ve dated, they probably didn’t do well on some or most of the above traits. Women lacking these traits are flat out difficult to live with and difficult to love.

Only the most insecure, needy, and desperate men will tolerate women who are difficult to love. They put up with it because the alternative to them — loneliness– is much worse.

In your current relationship or your future relationship, keep this question in mind. And when the answer if “no,” do something about it. Share with her your concerns, and if that doesn’t work (which is highly likely), make plans to exit the relationship.

A final thought. Life is too short to allow unhappy women into your life. Find a woman who is easy to love, and you’re 80% of the way to a healthy relationship.