Does Having an Expensive Car = More Women?

Does having an expensive car get us more women?

We’re going to dispel one of the greatest dating myths ever, one that has robbed money from men for decades. The myth is this: By having a nice, expensive car or SUV, we’ll attract more women.

Have you ever met or picked up a woman while actually sitting in your new, fancy car (for those that have one)? How about while getting in and out at a valet podium? Or a woman’s number while barreling down the the highway?

Of course you haven’t. And neither have we– and John once owned a vintage 1952 Mercedes convertible.

OK, so maybe we don’t meet women while sitting in, getting in or out of, or driving our car– but what about when it’s time to take them out on dates? Does having a $85,000 Mercedes SL500 make her like you and want to sleep with you more so than the moment you made a connection in the first place?

Our own experiences have taught us about how women view us vis-a-vis the cars we drive. The lesson is that having a nice, expensive car does add some value to you as a “catch” or future boyfriend, but it doesn’t push her in your direction if she otherwise wasn’t that interested in you.

In other words, if the woman was intrigued by you in the first place, the type of car you drive– assuming it’s clean and in good condition– adds or subtracts very little from her opinion of you.
If you’re driving a plush Cadillac Escalade, she’ll certainly take notice and will like that you apparently have an excellent job and can provide for yourself quite adequately.

But just the same, if you’re driving a 5 to 15-year-old car that’s in good to excellent condition, most women won’t lose any of the intrigue for you they first had.

Says Melanie, who summarizes the point well:

If he’s picking me up in a raggedy Ford pick-up truck that hasn’t been cleaned in years, you bet I’ll question whether this guy has his act together. But if he’s driving a clean 7 year old Honda Accord, with no trash or beer cans in it, I will think he’s a solid guy without the need to impress others.

For the 5-10% of women who turn their nose up at men who drive anything less than a late-model European sedan or sports car, do you really want to be associating with somebody so shallow and materialistic? Both the founders of this site currently drive cars between 5 and 13 years old, and we can tell you unequivocally that our cars make no difference to the quality of the women that we date.

Women’s desire for us almost never starts with a material object. It starts with attraction and connection. So if you have that bond to start with, the kind of clean car you have really makes little to no difference. And if she doesn’t find you interesting, then that Ferrari she later discovers you have won’t suddenly spark attraction out of thin air– sorry.

So before you spend $50,000 on that new BMW 5-series, think what kind of huge burden you’re really taking on. How many nice vacations or dinners could you have instead with that money? Or if you invested it instead? Men the world over will forever continue to buy into the rolling “babe magnets” illusion and in the process go up to their eyeballs in debt.

But not you.

You know that– except perhaps in Los Angeles ;)– women care far more about the kind of guy you are than the image you’re trying to project out on the road.