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Masters level dating tip #10

Women who are with a man who has a child from another woman will often take out any jealousy or contempt they have for that woman onto the child. Rather than viewing the child as an extension of the new man she’s with, it’s a constant reminder of the woman he was with before her.

Masters level dating tip #7

“Being attracted to both women and men is the norm for most women”

Women don’t always act on their attraction, but very frequently will when they’ve been drinking. A woman’s body is universally admired and desired by men, women, and even gays (gays especially love boobs). Women have no problems acknowledging and appreciating another woman’s sexuality.

Societal barriers have been the main force keeping women from verbalizing and acting on their attraction towards other women. Women are deathly afraid of being labeled a tramp, a whore, a nymph, etc. Which is why alcohol helps reveal their true desires– it drops their inhibitions and reveals their true desires.

Bonus tip: more women would be open to threesomes if men were more trustworthy (sorry, guys).

Masters level dating tip #5

“A woman who can’t achieve joy being around a bunch of exciting kids can’t achieve it being around adults, either”

Kids are the one group of people who don’t judge, have free spirits, and give unconditional love. The goofier and more animated they are, the more connected they feel with you. So… that’s the time to let one’s inner child out and just have fun. But many women are too wrapped up in image and perceptions that they cannot do it.

Think of how rare it is to see a woman or mother playfully wrestle with kids. Even good, relaxed women are rarely playful.

Essential point? They are uptight and stressed out. 

Bonus tip: A woman who is genuinely playful around kids will genuinely playful around you. Her true core is who you see when she’s with her children.

Masters level dating tip #3

Do you think nothing of a woman texting you past 11pm who you’ve just met (up to the fourth date)? Probably not. But you should. Here’s why.

There are two reasons she’s doing this:

To find out if you’re with another woman. Because if you don’t respond, she’ll assume you are.
She wants to make sure the last woman you think about before you go to sleep is her.

Both of these are signs of a completely needy woman who’s got psychotic tendencies. Beware!