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Givers vs. Takers

There are broadly two types of women, one who is a Giver and the other who is a Taker when it regards to men.

Let us start out with the type you want to avoid: The Takers. Takers are the women who use men. They use them primarily for the resources men willingly hand over. They don’t require attraction to these men they’re after. Sure, they would love a great looking guy, but they realize that these kind of men are more likely to leave them one day. So when you see a hot woman with an average or ugly man, you’re seeing a Taker at work.

Takers will go after many things that men have, including:

  • Sperm (to give them offspring)
  • Shelter (they get tired of living with a roommate in a one bedroom apartment)
  • Luxuries (travel, exotic cars and homes, etc)
  • Lifestyle (high end functions, nightclubs, etc)
  • Basic goods (drinks at a bar, a ride home, a car

Takers are superficial and only one layer deep. They’re very calculating and cunning, and prey on men’s weaknesses.

The healthiest kind of woman is a Giver who wants a Giver in her man.

Women with eating disorders

Red flag ahead!

Women with eating disorders are not only damaging themselves, but damaging to any men who choose get into a relationship with them.

Women who are trying to starve themselves, or nearly starve themselves, are also in the majority of cases depressed or exhibit obsessive-compulsive disorders.

There are a few types of eating disorders, and here they are:

  • anorexia nervosa
  • bulimia nervosa
  • binge eating disorder

A woman who starves herself, with only a minimal eating, has anorexia nervosa. With it her weight drops rapidly. It’s an extremely harmful act on her own body, a form of sabotage.

A man, meanwhile, who has an eating disorder has just one: He eats too much— specifically, carbs and sugar.

In short, women with eating disorders like anorexia nervosa are mentally ill on some level. From Anorexia nervosa is classified as a mental illness.”

Q: Did you know? The most common eating disorder is Binge Eating Disorder.

Q: Did you know? 95% of eating disorders in females occur between the ages of 12 and 25.5.

Should a woman criticize her man in public?

In short, the answer to this question is, “No.”

There are many reasons that you should not tolerate your significant other trashing your name in front of others. Here are just a few of the main considerations to make before dating a woman who does.

It can decrease your self esteem
Let’s say that, day in and day out, you’re working hard to make sure that your woman is happy. You’ve decided to take her out to nice dinner with a group of friends or colleagues this weekend. As soon as you arrive at the restaurant, she critiques what you choose to order. When you get into the conversation, she interrupts to criticize your grammar. Later that night, she brings up the fact that you never clean up after yourself at the house and can’t put a dish in the dishwasher to save your life. At this point, you’re probably feeling pretty embarrassed that your dirty laundry, so to speak, is being aired in the middle of dinner, especially if this is in front of your professional colleagues. Why would you want to put up with this type of behavior from the woman who is supposed to stand beside you?

Your relationship looks questionable from the outside
Let’s revisit the scene where you are out to dinner with a group of colleagues. How do you think that your girlfriend’s behavior reflects on your relationship with her? Your colleagues certainly don’t think that she respects you or the relationship, and they are probably wondering why you are putting up with that type of treatment.

It’s awkward for everyone involved
In keeping with the dinner scenario, by the middle of the meal, your colleagues are probably feeling pretty awkward. Think about this as if it were one of your coworkers being berated by his girlfriend in the middle of a business dinner. You likely have no idea what to say and find it awkward to try to rekindle or reroute the conversation after your buddy has taken such a beating. Don’t let your girlfriend be the one that makes the entire night an awkward experience.

If you’re currently dating a woman who behaves this way, it may be time to rethink the relationship. Think of it this way: if your woman wouldn’t put up with being treated the way that she’s treating you, the two of you shouldn’t be together. In the long run, a little disrespect breeds more disrespect and, before you know it, there is no mutual sense of regard for one another in the relationship. Is that really what you expected when you first met her? Of course it isn’t. It’s time to consider dumping her for a better woman. 

Emotional infidelity in women

Society is well aware of men’s sexual infidelity problem. But what’s seldom talked about is the female ability to emotionally cheat.

Emotional infidelity is far worse than sexual fidelity in most instances. A man’s ability to have sex without an emotional connection is rarely replicated in women. The equivalent today to a man’s sexual boundary crossing is a woman’s crossing emotional boundaries. A quick example: a married woman who shares intimate details of her life with another man. This act is done frequently today. This includes:

1. Complaining to any other man about her man.

2. Divulging secrets and intimate details of her man to any other human being– not just another man.

Women crave an emotional connection with her man. But when they take the facts and details from this heart-to-heart connection and share it inappropriately with others, they are being emotionally unfaithful and should not be trusted. A woman who lacks boundaries in this area lacks boundaries in most.

Emotional infidelity is worse than sexual infidelity for the simple reason that the heart is more important than our sex parts. And it doesn’t happen just to couples in a relationship or marriage– it frequently rears its ugly head during dating. A woman will take details from private discussions with her man and share them with her mom, friends, or male friends. This kind of woman cannot be trusted, and is deeply toxic to men she has a relationship with.

In summary, women are far more likely to cheat on their men by emotional means than physical; but this type of cheating is far more damaging to their  relationship than sexual infidelity…

Bonus tip: Men are victims of this infidelity in equal numbers as women who are victims of men’s sexual infidelity.

How to meet women in Colombia

How to meet women in Colombia, specifically Medellín? Here’s your 5-minute guide.

First off, learn some basics in Spanish before arriving down here. A few weeks prior, get the Pimsleur Spanish I (lessons 1-30; no need to buy the entire course). It’s much better than Rosetta Stone, who teaches you the word for “apple” before the basics of conversation like “Where are you from?”

Getting here (to Medellín) nonstop from the USA is done via the US airlines American (out of MIA), Spirit (FLL), and JetBlue (FLL). Alternatively, you can fly in on a central or south American airline via a connection. The flying time out of Miami is a short 3 1/2 hours.

The area to be in Medellín is El Poblado, and more specifically Parque Lleras. This area is extremely active– lots of women– and safe as big cities go. I feel more safe here, in fact, than I ever have in Paris. In Paris I’ve been nearly robbed, and robbed of a CD player as I sat in the rail station.

First off, why Colombian women? 

Here’s a short list of PROs of why men the world over flock to this country to seek out Colombian women:


  • -They accentuate their femininity and sexiness (they wear high heels, even in the middle of the day, and super tight jeans and spandex pants)
  • -They are very nurturing. They enjoy taking care of their man
  • -The best derriers (butts) in the world
  • -Their skin is extremely soft. I call it Asian-like in its silky quality
  • -They’re passionate
  • -Big cities are relatively safe
  • -They love chivalry; it’s alive and well in Colombia!


  • -They are very jealous of other women once they’re with you
  • -They desperately need family’s approval of you
  • -They will not have sex with you easily (unless they are “working girls”)
  • -Frequently are single mothers once they hit their late 20’s
  • -Expect you to provide for their families in Colombia if you move them to the USA
  • -Girls go out in groups, and are not very inclined out outsiders trying to make inroads on said group


Where to meet Colombian women in Medellín
Everywhere they happen to be. In a supermarket, shopping mall, coffee shop, nightclub, restaurant, etc. Don’t limit yourself to only nightlife hunting, which is actually harder to do.

My favorite places are Club Babylon, El Blue, Dulce Jesús Mío, Santa Fe mall, Oviedo mall, and El Tesoro mall.

Another good place is online. Check out and arrange some dates ahead of your arrival.

Meeting Colombian women

The key is eye contact. If a woman gives you none, you face an uphill battle. I have never seen another nationality use their eyes as much. They are not bashful if they’re remotely interested in you, so step up to the plate if you’re interested. She can burn your eyeballs out with her piercing looks, but you still have to initiate contact.


Gringos (white people) are rare in Medellín, or anywhere else in Colombia. Use that to your advantage. Tall people even rarer. And if you’re white, tall, and have blue eyes, you have a big advantage. Regardless of how you look, my biggest tip to you is to…


Even the older ladies and gentlemen in Colombia dress well. If you wear glasses, buy some stylish ones and you’ll look like you’re straight out of France or Germany; not America.

Where to meet “Colombianas” in Medellín
Get yourself down to Parque Lleras. Head to either the Juan Valdez Cafe or La Bicycletta restaurant. Both are nice spots with plenty of foot traffic and have Wi-fi (so bring your smartphone and laptop). I am actually writing this article at the Juan Valdez Cafe, drinking a Latte.

Or, head to one of these three malls: Santa Fe, Oviedo, or El Tesoro.

Where to stay in Medellín
The best hotel to stay at is The Charlee, as it’s right where you need to be next to all the bars and restaurants. They also have a rooftop bar. Also check out Park 10, Dann Carlton, or Hotel San Fernando. Alternatively, book a place on, which is my preferred method of staying in Medellín.

There are plenty of low-cost hostels right in Parque Lleras, check out Tiger Paw and Hostal Relax 10.

Breakfast spots
I highly recommend eating at Desayunadero Restaurante or the restaurant/patio of Charlee Hotel. 

Coffee spotsThe Juan Valdez Cafe and La Bicycletta.

Spanish tutorI recommend a girl named Violeta B., you can contact her at Her rate is about $15/hour.

Butt implants
-Are their butts bigger naturally or from the help of a cosmetic surgeon? You can usually tell because the “fake” butts look wholly unnatural (two basketballs for a butt??). Yes, many women in Colombia have butt implants, or buttock augmentations.

Misc notes

-The more educated the paisa (Colombian native) is, the better her English will be
-The hottest woman I’ve seen in Colombia had a white guy on her arm

The Top 20 most undesirable female traits

In no particular order, here is a list of the top 20 most undesirable traits in women:

1. Naggy
2. Nonsexual
3. Lacking boundaries (no emotional fidelity, making them completely untrustworthy)
4. Stressed out
5. Overly critical of others
6. Plays victimhood card
7. Bitchy
8. Manipulative/conniving/scheming/calculating
9. Jealous
10. Obsessive
11. Masculine (overly so: dress; interests; voice; lifestyle)
12. Demanding (full of expectations; high maintenance)
13. Insecure
14. Cold (non-nurturing; an ice queen)
15. Inauthentic (must lie and cheat as cover)
16. Lacking a conscience (able to do immoral/unethical acts without batting an eye)
17. Self-absorbed (excessively)
18. Uncurious
19. Lazy
20. Undomesticated (unable to cook; bad manners, etc)

Women with SAD traits (stressed/anxious/depressed) are extremely toxic to men. They are frequently on antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications like Zoloft. Typically they are also full of drama and are in perpetual victimhood status. They refuse to help themselves, even when given competent guidance by friends, husbands, or mental health professionals.

Unfortunately, most men go through life completely unaware and uneducated on the shadow (negative) side of women. The 20 traits above, in other words. Women are much more complicated in their emotions, moods, and behavior than we men are. Yet we tend to either look the other way (“there she goes again” or storm out of the room (“you’re acting crazy over nothing!”). Time passes, and soon enough we’re back together with them.

A man avoids toxic women by refusing to put up with high levels of over-the-top behaviors. These women were never taught how to control their emotions, and it’s not your job to now try to fix them. Instead, you leave them when your overall peace of mind has been squashed. Get some fortitude and face the reality that you simply deserve… better!

There are scores of women out there with big hearts and minimal drama and insecurities. Women with very few of the undesirable traits listed above. It’s your duty in your short time on earth to find them. Your happiness depends on it!

Why do women have one night stands

Why do women have one night stands? It’s not what you think.

It’s not because they just need a release, want some fun and meaningless sex, or they’re flat out horny.

For women, it’s always far more than just a random hook-up. If they weren’t into YOU, they wouldn’t let you into THEM. Whereas we men can have wild sex with a woman whom we have zero intentions of ever seeing again, women will not have sex with a man they’ve just met unless they’re interested in seeing him again.

Women do not have meaningless sex. There is always meaning behind what they do, especially with sex

First date sex is a hook, a way for a woman to get more nights out of you. She is using your bed as a way to get her foot into your door. Which is why you will rarely have a one night stand and never hear from a woman again. And if you don’t call her, she will will find a reason to contact you, even if it’s something she just makes up. It’s not something creepy, by the way. It’s an innocent way of her letting you know she’s interested in you. The only exceptions to this rule is if you were really bad in bed and/or you were a jerk. (Read this article on what “bad in bed” means)

No matter what they say, women don’t have sex on the first night they’ve met a man just to have wild, meaningless sex. Even on that Spring Break Cancun trip, where you take girl back to your hotel room from the bar– she, on some level, was into you. On a related note, be aware that women frequently pretend to be more drunk than they really are just to assuage any guilt associated with sleeping with you so soon. It’s basically a free pass for her to be “irresponsible” for the night. Hence the song, “Blame It On The Alcohohohohohohol.”

In summary, women will not have sex with you unless they’re interested in you. They reluctantly agree to a one night stand in the hopes that it will turn into something more…

Bonus tip #1: And the earrings and necklaces they leave behind are left by design. It’s the perfect excuse to see you again

Bonus tip #2: Women don’t want to be perceived as “easy,” so they will go out of their way to make sure that it’s not just one night with you

Morning after sex: Why women leave stuff at your place

For you guys out there who’ve been dating for a few years, you know what I’m talking about. You have a woman you recently met stay overnight at your place, and the next day you notice she left her earrings. Or watch. Or a necklace. Or hair clip. Obviously just a small oversight on her part, right? Not so fast…

Now, women don’t want you to know that they do this, and few would ever admit to it. But women leave markers at men’s houses and apartments all the time. But why? For one of two reasons:

1) They have an excuse to return later

2) They are leaving “their scent” to warn off other females (just like a dog hikes its leg to leave behind its scent)

Because we guys don’t do this to women, we’re largely oblivious to this subtle use of leverage. Have you ever liked a girl a whole lot, and in the morning intentionally left a key, watch, or t-shirt behind because this would ensure your meeting up with her again? Of course not.

Another thing women like to do is borrow t-shirts from men after a night together at the man’s place. It’s not as if they arrived at your place without a shirt on, so why would they need to borrow yours? Because she doesn’t want to be seen in the early morning hours getting in and out of her car and home with what’s obviously last night’s slinky outfit (women are very paranoid about appearing promiscuous), or she wants something of yours that she later has an excuse to see you over. T-shirts easily fit the bill.

So, when you discover hoop earrings on your dresser or her hair clip on your bathroom counter, be aware of what could be happening. It could be a simple forgetful act, and understandably so given the nature of the encounter.

Or, it’s potentially great clue– that she likes you– but is showing you that she is also willing to employ slightly devious tactics to win your favor.