Top 10 mistakes men make in their dating profiles‘s roundtable of savvy women got together to address a common complaint of how bad men’s dating profiles are. Here are their main complaints.
You should NOT…

  1. -Put up pics of you with other women
  2. -Put up pics of you shirtless in front of a bathroom mirror. It screams, “Hi, I am a douchebag and I am looking for something physical”
  3. -Put up pics of your children. Women don’t like guys that try to use their kids as date bait
  4. -Put up pics of you with your car. Unless you really don’t have anything more going for you than your money
  5. -Put up misleading pics. Never post pictures that are not current. And be honest about your height, weight, and hair status. Love is blind, but first dates aren’t
  6. -Send a message with only the word “Hi” in it. It’s a completely unimaginative and lazy way to get the ball rolling
  7. -Be vague in your profile. Never say “If you want to know more, ask.” It shows that you’re too lazy to take the time to market yourself
  8. -Send out a mass email. Personalize emails based on what you read in her profile
  9. -Mistake no response back from the woman for anything other than she is simply not interested in you. She saw your email and chose not to respond, so take the hint
  10. -Ask for sexually explicit pictures, or send an email eluding to sex right off the bat. Women want connection before sex– especially when having just met you on a dating website